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With nearly 20 years experience in the video production business, Luka Media Production has worked on everything from national TV spots to independent films to Web based health care videos.

Spine Foundation – 10×25 Promo

Benefitfocus – One Place Trailer

2017 NBAA Regional Forum – Dassault Falcon 8X

Benefitfocus – Who is Benefitfocus?

Benefitfocus – eBilling

2017 NBAA Regional Forum – Bombardier Learjet 75

2017 NBAA Regional Forum – Cessna Citation Latitude

Marketing Montage

Medical – Legal Montage

Commercial Montage

Helm House Live – Episode #1 Featuring The Helmsmen

Helm House Live – Episode #4 Featuring Kim Percuoco

BCBSSC – Shop & Apply

BCBSKC – The New Blue Choice

BCBSFL – What Is Medicare

Aetna – eBusiness for Employers

Sherwin-Williams – Urgency 2

Overton Youth Center – Brick

NEXT – Urban Gear

Mr Hero – Angus

Mr Hero – Savers

Marathon – Spring TV

Ohio Lottery – Badfingers

Stellar Marketing – Stellar Doctor

Total Health and Rehab Center

Emory Healthcare – Employee Open Enrollment Video

BCBSLA “BlueSaver”

BCBSKC “BlueSolutions”

BCBSKC “Blue 4 U”

Benefitfocus “HR InTouch – HR Tree”

Benefitfocus “HR inTouch – Benefit Life Cycle”

Benefitfocus “HR InTouch – All Your Benefits, One Place”

BCBSKC “KC Dental”

BCBSFL “Money In Your Wallet”

BSBCRI “Dr Thompson”

Isuzu – All 3

Isuzu – Enchilada

Isuzu – Isuzu 4 U

Isuzu – 290HP

Isuzu – Third Grade

Children’s Home Society – Jason

University of Akron – Wow

Sherwin-Williams – Urgency

Ohio Lottery – Indians

Isuzu – Spend

Howards Jewelers – Magician

Ohio Lottery – Cleveland Browns

Alltel – Max

Helm House Live – Viewing Party Invitation

Helm House Live – Episode #5 Featuring Justin Jeffreys

Derek Campbell – Funny Way

Derek Campbell – Living In B & W

Derek Campbell – All of My Love

Derek Campbell – Believe In You

Kyle Webber Testimonial

Kayla Cavallaro Testimonial

Chris Downs Testimonial

Douglas Tungate Testimonial

Robin Ruh Testimonial

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Luka Media Pro L Box


Luka Media Production is your one stop shop for online video production.
We have all the talent, the gear and know-how necessary to turn your ideas into reality. Just bring us your product , service and story and let our team take from there.


Our creative team are experts at taking your idea and developing it into a concept that will illuminate your product or service in the best light possible.



We offer both HD and 4K video production.   All of our videos are captured using the finest high-end video cameras, operated by videographers with creative visions and years of video production experience.  We are also equipped with all the rigs, lighting, mics and assorted gear necessary to create a professional video product you will be proud to put your name on.


For higher quality videos we often add music. Music not only sets the mood but it keeps the viewer moving through your concept.  Luka Media Production has a vast library of great royalty free music available for your video. And if you’d rather create something from scratch, we know some great musicians that will happily compose a custom tune just for your video.


Let our experienced writers create copy that grabs the viewers attention and keeps them engaged from start to finish.



Our experienced video editors are great story tellers.  They listen to our client’s ideas and mix in their own expertise to make videos that deliver the intended message succinctly & clearly.   And when it comes to revisions, we understand that it’s all part of the process.  Our team is always open-minded, engaged and eager to please.


Once your video project is complete, how do you get it out there so your audience can see it?  That’s where video compression comes in.  We’re pros at keeping you video looking fantastic while adhering to the specs of various TV stations, web pages and social media sites.  We also take care of getting the finished file from our servers to wherever they need to go.  Just tells us where, by when and to whom and we’ll take it from there.


We use only experienced on camera and voice over talent in our productions.  Allow us to select the perfect cast to deliver your message in a way that will be both entertaining and memorable.


Does your video need a cool type treatment, an eye-catching graphic or attention grabbing animation?  We do that.  Our designers are creative wizards and are up for turning any challenging idea into moving art.


So now your video is finished, so what do you do with it?  Let us help. Whether your video is headed for your website, a TV station, on all your social media sites or just needs to be added to a Power Point Presentation.  We do it all.  Just let us know what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll help you choose the best way to get it in front of your target audience for maximum impact!


Luka Media Production is made up of talented, professional, experienced individuals that know and love the production business. From concept to post production, we’re ready to help turn your idea into reality.

What we do

We take the stress out of small business advertising and marketing with video. We take your unique brand, and vision and give your clients an up-close view of what makes you special. Want clients who convert?  For Life? We help design videos that will keep them coming back for more.

Who we are

Need support? That’s what we are here for; we have an entire team dedicated to offering or implementing solutions to grow your client list so you, don’t have to.

How we do it

Not everyone is a superstar! But everyone has a story and everyone is different, let us show your best features through video. Because video is valuable when customers compare you to your competition. It’s your unique story and behind the scene approach that will bring you more views, more traffic and more sales.

Our Team



We like to blog about things that interest us: video production, the newest gear, current projects, the newest marketing trends, film, etc. We also blog about topics that have nothing to do with video production, such as: music, recipies, heath, upcoming events, jokes, and cool videos we see. The one thing we promise to NEVER blog about, is politics!



Almost every day I hear someone say “let’s film that” or “how hard would it...
June 26, 2016
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Luka Media Pro L Box

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Luka Media Production is located in beautiful Jupiter, Florida, and is just minutes from West Palm Beach. Luka Media Production services all of south Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Miami.

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